Revamping Your Bathroom

One of the most commonly upgraded rooms in the home is the bathroom. These days, the bathroom is meant to serve more of a purpose than just the place one showers and… you know, the other thing. In fact, more and more homeowners here in Carlsbad, CA, are seeking a bathroom with beautiful tubs, spacious showers, lots of natural light, and a serene atmosphere. After all, we all use our home bathrooms for countless reasons:

– getting ready for work
– preparing for dates
– prepping for work outings
– to escape the children for a few minutes (or longer)
– to experience our own home spa night
– to apply makeup
– to give the kids a bath
– to enjoy long, hot showers during the colder months

The list could go on. The point is, the bathroom is a pivotal and crucial room in our homes! Do you love yours?

If you are considering upgrading your bathroom—our experts here at Window Solutions would love to help! Here are the options we can offer you to transform your bathroom!

Shower enclosures
Window Solutions is one of the only shower door manufacturers in the San Diego area. Because we manufacture our own shower doors, we can offer you anything you can dream up. Whether you want something simple or luxurious—we can custom make just what you want.
– Basic door and frame: “basic” doesn’t mean plain. Sometimes, homeowners want something simple and affordable, but classic and lovely.
– Frameless shower enclosures: there are so many options within this style choice and countless finishes to match your space.

What is a bathroom without a huge, beautiful mirror? Here at Window Solutions, we cut and polish our own windows in-house. We can measure your space and create a mirror custom designed just for you. Do you have a frame you love? Let us fit a mirror into it! Or, we can help you to choose one from our collection—or go frameless!

Everyone needs natural lighting in their bathroom, but no one wants to compromise privacy. Let’s look into some skylight options or frosted glass, so you can apply makeup or get ready for work easily! If you currently have windows that do not protect your privacy—thus, you have to hide the natural light behind blinds or curtains—or if you have too-small windows, we can help you replace them with larger, more privacy-yielding windows!

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom with Window Solutions? Our team is experienced and excited about working with you! For three generations, our team has been helping the residents of Carlsbad, CA, and the surrounding cities transform their home windows Carlsbad, offices, bathrooms, studios, and condos. We would be honored to work with you and to be your co-designer! We know you have a vision for your home—and we have the experience to bring it to life! Come visit our large showroom and get those creative juices flowing! We will see you soon!

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